Q: How can I become a promoter for Peach Peach? Are their any requirements? 
A: Anyone can become a promoter if they'd like! We have promoters of all ages, genders and from all around the world! If you're interested in becoming a promoter for Peach Peach send us a direct message through our instagram page letting us know!

Q: How much is shipping? 
A: We provide worldwide shipping for only $4.99 USD. Keep your eyes open for occasional contests to win promo codes for free shipping!

Q: Where are your products shipped out from?
A: Our products are shipped out separately overseas from different merchandisers we have throughout Asia!

Q: How long does shipping normally take?
A: Normally shipping takes up to a few weeks, give or take depending on your location; occasionally it can take over a couple months as well. However, we're currently backed up with A LOT of orders and trying to catch up as quickly as possible! I truly do apologize for any inconvenience and long wait!

Q: What is your return policy?
A: We allow returns for orders up to 24 hours after making your purchase! Otherwise it's unfortunately too lately to as the item would be processed to ship out soon! 

Q: What forms of payment do you take?
A: Our store is in USD and take Credit Card as well as Paypal at our checkout! 

Q: What sizes do you carry?
A: We carry clothing items from sizes X-Small to XX-Large! 'One size fit's all' is a generic mediumish size. All our sizes are in American!

Q: How can we contact the store?
A: Click on our contact page and it will let you know there what forms of contact we currently have available!